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Q1 : Why does Delo Glod Ultra offer a longer drain interval than Delo Glod?
A1 : Delo Glod Ultra is designed to have a larger amount of dispersant. Hence,
it can tolerate a larger amount of combustion soot and offer a longer drain interval.

Delo Gold Ultra
Comparison of CI-4 vs CH-4
        - Superior control onsoot-related viscosity
        - Superior sustained akalinity
        - Better prevention of soot-related wear
        - Superior thermal and oxidation stability
        - More shear stable
        - Providing a longer drain interval
        - Not harmful to rubber seals
        - Longer engine life
Q2 : What is a suitable drain interval when using Delo Golde Ultra?
A : When using Delo Gold Ultra, a 30,000 kilometer drain interveal is recommended.
Q3 : What is Delo XLI pre,ixed and how would it benefit the engine ?
A : Delo XLI permixed is a premixed coolant. it not require the addition of water and is easy to use. It can be poured into the engine's cooling system right away. Same as other OME coolants, the product provides benefits such as preventing the formation of scales in ther cooling system which can lead to overheating, preventing the formation of pitting on the cylinder, perventing the liner from being corroded trough, protecing aluminium-containing parts
such as cyliner head and water pump which were not protected by traditional coolants. it can last 250,000 kms in small cars and 600,000 kms in large commercail vehicles.
Q4 : What is Isosyn technology? What is its benefits?
A : Isosyn is a technology in which base oils with hign purify and suitable additives are used to produce lubricants with hightest lubrication efficiency but with prices that are not as high as thouse of 100% synthetic lubricats. For more information on base oils from Chevron, please go to the website :
Q5 : How would one choose a suitable Star Marine product for one's fising boats?
A: There are three Star Marines available : Star Marine 400 API CF SAE 40 Which is suitable for in shore fishing boats that need a SAE lubricant; Star Marine 500 API CF-4 SAE 20W-50 Which is suitable for heavy-duty boats with engines that need top up their lubricant more often and increase their compression ; and Star Marine 600 API CH-4 SAE 15W-40 which is suitable for boats wiht a CAT or cummins engine or a very heavy duty engine.
Q6 : How would one recognize a high quality hydraulic oil?
A : Before choosing a hydraulic oil, you should be aware that a hydraulic oil is over 98% base oil. Thus, base oil plays a very important role in detemining the quality of a hydraulic oil. Modern hydraulic systems face very high pressures and contain electronic systems used for controlling various values, Thus, they have high opreating tempreatures and are more sensitive to impurities in the oil. What you should do is select an oil with a high degree of purity such as an ISOSYN oil whose life is double that of a regular oil, You also have to choose a manufancturing plant that filters their oils before packign such as aChevron plant. At Chevron plants, newly manufactured oils have acleanliness level of NAS 66. These oils help lengthen the life of your hydraulic systems, Lowe impurities mean longer oil life.
Q8 : What are the differences between a lubricant used for aslow-speed crosshead engine (less than 300 rpm) and a lubricant used for a medium-speed trunk piston engine(between 300-1,000 rmp)? How to choose lubricants for them correctly?
A : First, we need to understand the differences in the design of a low-speed engine and that of a medium-speed one. Normally, a slow-speed engine is large in size and needs to be lubricated in two parts, namely the cylinder in the upper part and the crankcase, or the system, in the lower part. In the cylinder section , the lubricant lubriactes the piston and part of it is burned off in the combustion process. In the lower part, the lubricant remains clean. There is no soot left by combustion as there is a stuffing box situated between the cylinder and the crankcase. The oil is called lubricating oil. In designing as engine oil for teh cylinder, hign TBN is requierd. Examples of such engine oil are Taro Specail HT 70 and Taro Special HT LS 40. An Example of system oil is Veritas 800 Marine SAE 30. In design and engine oil for medium-speed engines. a lubricating oil can be used for lubricating both the cylinder and the crankcase, like in most engines. That engine oil must be able to perform several duties at the same time. i.e. cleaning away soot, lubricating bearings and carring away heat.
Q9 : The lubricant I use has a shorter life than normal . Why is that?
A : For most offshore and marine machines, their engines are equipped wiht a centrafugation filter which separates fith including soot from the engine oil. In many cases when the filter is not cleanded, soot and fith accumlates and degrades the oil in a few ways such as crating sludge, causing higher viscosity and causing clogging in the system. When you find that your oil has a shorter life, the first thing to do is check the centrifugation filter to see if its still works like ist is supposed to. Then you can perfom other examinations such as checking if there is any leakage in the oil cooler, checking if the fuel supply system still works normally, checking the turbocharger to see if it still crates the expected pressuse. To see what is wrong, you need both the report of the used oil anaylysis and the results of a techical examination. Some types of the centrifugation filter can separate the water from the engine oil using a heating system. However, ther heater must be set at 95c or lower. Ohterwise, the engine il's quality might be compromised more quickly.
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