Top tier marine and offshore lubricant supplier with long-term experience one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine and industrial fuel oil.
Company Profile
Genius Marine Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and registered as a juristic person under the law of limited company in 2007. The company purposes to be a new alternative for customers in relation to the services of providing lubricator, fuel, non-durable goods used in vessels, vessel equipment, and spare parts of engines inside vessels; the service of repairing engines; the consulting service for dockyard work, such as surveys for preparing for vessel inspection; and the service of organizing training courses according to the IMO standard. Especially, our team of experts with more over 10 years of experience will provide services and advice for you with quality and rapidity. This is because the company realizes that good supply, repair services, and problem-solving services are necessary for shipping companies’ sea freight systems both domestic and international. From the past until the present, our customers have trusted our services and obtained utmost satisfaction.
The company has been trusted by Chevron (Thailand) Company Limited to be appointed as the distributor of lubricator products and the provider of transportation services, both within and outside the country, for ocean liners, offshore structures, and industrial works under the "Caltex" trademark in 2007. The company was inspected for the operational standards according to Permit no. 02/5008.


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