Top tier marine and offshore lubricant supplier with long-term experience one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine and industrial fuel oil.
  Our Service would meet or exceed customer requirements. Some services have now become standardized within the offshore industry and are often provided to customer free of charge. As for the service of ship suppliers, the company will provide goods by basing on the standards of good orders referred to in the Conditions of International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA) for the correctness in supplying goods.

As for the transportation service, the company has organized the system for transporting goods within and outside the country in order to deliver goods by both land and waterway. Goods will be delivered directly to the customers’ vessels for the customers’ utmost satisfaction.


Bangkok Manufacturing
We are centered on creating an integrated lubricants business targeting select segments & channels aligned to take advantage of the strength of our premium base oils
Genius marine stock point base on Laemchabang area which more than 30 SKU and cover of product line.
By following Chevron standard.
We available 24/7 to serve any urgent order.
Used oil analysis
Lab result be simple for user and able to checking online by acess in the internet.
Training on board By
Technical Manager From Chevron
Service By Genius Marine
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