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Our Fresh Items: 
Pumpkin Red,  Bitter Gourd, Beans,Green ,  Cabbage, Cauliflower,  Onion,  Potato,  Radish White,  Beetroot,  Carrots,  Chilli Green,  Apple Red,  Banana, Pineapple,  Grapefruit,  Water Melon,  Mango, Orange,  Grape Green,  Garlic,  Ginger,  Lemon. Kiwi Fruit, Honeydew Melon, Plums Red, Potato Sweet Papaya


Our Dry Items :
Lipton Tea  Bag, Yellow Label, Coffee Mate , Nestle  ,  Coffee Creamer,   Nescafe, Instant Coffee    Milo, Milk Powder, Nido , Vinegar White, Tomato Ketchup,Chilli Sauce , Tang Orange,  Tang Lemon,Tang Mango , Oats, White, Oats, Quaker Cup Noodles Inst.  Macaroni Elbow  Spaghetti  Vermecilli,  Cooking Oil , Soya Bean Oil,  Sunflower Oil  Pringles Cheese,  Pringles Chips,  Original    Tooth Paste,  Colgate Tooth Paste,  Close Up   Haldirams Aluo Bhujia, Butter Cookies,


Our Frozen Items: 
Ribbon Fish Whole , Cuttle Fish, Prawns Red Snapper Fillet,  Cod Fillet,  Hamour Fillet Mutton Mince,  Lamb Chopss,Butter, Unsalted,  Mix Vegetable Frozen,  Baklava Leaves   Samosa,  Vegetable,  Butter, Salted    Cauliflower  Frozen , Ice Cream French Bread.,  Frozen , Half Baked,  Chicken Whole, Griller,  Chicken Sausages / Franks,  Chicken Breast Boneless,  Chicken Minced Pork Leg Bone ,  Pork Spareribs,  Pork Tenderloin,  Pork Neck Boneless Beef Rump, Beef Silverside,  Beef Brisket    Beef Shank ,  Beef Spare Ribs,  Beef Sausage,  Ice Cream Vanilla, Ice Cream Mango,  Ice Cream Chocolate,  Ice Cream Butter Scotch, Ice Cream Chocolate,  Ice Cream Mango,  Ice Cream Pistachio, Ice Cream Strawberry Frozen Oyster, Tuna Shashimi Fillet


Our Chilled items :
Eggs  Brazil/Usa, Dry Anchovies  Mars Chocolate,  Quality Street,Red Bull Snickers Chocolate,  Tiffany Zoom Asstd,  Nestle Kit Kat,  Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury Fruit N Nut Bar,  Cadbury Fruit N  Nut Bounty Chocolate,  Plain Yoghurt Sea Laver,  Garlic Stem In Soy Sauce Dry Toyo,  Cadbury Chocolate Toblerone Chocolate,  Fruit Yoghurt Plain Yoghurt,  Sea Lettuce ,  Salted Belt Fish,  Salted Sea Weed Stem,  Seasoned Pollack Stripe Seasoned Sesame Leaf,  Dried Squid Fish Unsalted Butter, Galaxy Jewels  Chocolate,  Magnum Ice Cream. 

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